Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Christmas, New Years, and Traveling Back to Hogwarts

Christmas included a few trips to the beach. Thank goodness.
Today was pretty windy, so we flew kites. Thankfully, mom and dad had kept about 5 kites from our childhood, which were in such good condition that after this picture was taken, the kite tore into two.
It was sad.

As you can see it was beautiful out there. Merry Christmas to me. Unfortunately, I had to go back to freezing cold, grey, sad, snowy, cold Idaho.
Yup, it's kinda cold up here.
One of these days i will take a picture of the snow and you will be able to see what i'm talking about.

Over vacation, I ate this. It looked okay, but i had no idea it contained Splenda. YUCK. Totally gross. Life ruining, really. My mom, who purchased it, apologized. She had no idea, and never meant to do that to her only daughter. I forgave her.

We went up to Hearst Castle as well, something i love to do, and got to ride in the clean machine.

For New Years, we went to this awesome party that had an animal fur. I put it on. Afterwards, i decided never to do that again.

Tara and i traveling back to Hogwarts. As much as we love visiting home, we know how important it is to be well educated so that we can defend ourselves against You-Know-Who.


Tara said...

we really are learning to defend ourselves against you know who...that's profound. I'm glad I get to take part in these fantastic trips to and from hogwarts! Wow what adventures we have.

Myriah said...

It's amazing, i know.
Another profound thing: Count the stars.
mmm..mmhmmm.. that is nice. Count the stars, everyone. At least, that is what my Dove chocolate wrapper said.

amy said...

um...How about them apples? Gopher Glen Super Sale and a great driving adventure with a view too! Might not be on par with Hearst Castle, but not to shabby.