Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Avengers

It's really no surprise I was bored watching The Avengers. Why would I like it? It's not my style, I'm not invested in the characters, and it was long.

I did decide to appreciate it as much as possible, and help out the nerds, so I laughed loudly when appropriate. I could tell though, that some of the nerds in the audience simply didn't know when something was funny, as I was basically the only one laughing.

I contemplated napping, but I was strangely well rested, so I just kind of looked around and waited for the next funny part to come along. But really, it. Was. So. Boring.

This is the type of thing I would usually post to facebook, but I didn't want to cause any heart attacks, and I think people are tired of me expressing my non-nerdy opinions.

As bored as I was, I did appreciate all the eye candy. That wasn't bad at all.

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