Monday, April 23, 2012

Miserable Tomorrow

For the past week I've been thinking about something that I've known for a long time: Facebook isn't fulfilling. I don't know why I let myself get swept up in that filth, but I did.

I've always known blogging was the way to go. I have always known it, yet I've let my blog fall by the wayside.  I would think about posting something every so often, but it always sounded like a lot of work. Why come up with an accurate and witty retelling of my life when I can just post a mediocre one-liner or a half truth photo to facebook and get a bunch of "likes" and hopefully a lot of envy burning in the hearts of my "friends"?  Obviously that is the best choice. If I'm going to spend time on social media, it might as well be where I can get instant gratification and where I can twist the truth so others can become jealous of my single, fabulous, jet-setting, reality-tv-ing, good-looking, humorous, fashionable life. Right?

I realized, like everyone else, (by everyone else, I mean mostly single people) facebook is a huge source of pride. We post things to brag, and to build ourselves up. And unfortunately, we read things and it usually tears us down. (In my case, I just get annoyed, and then block that person.)

Anyway, I'm going to loosen my grip on pride, and spend a little time on my blog. I had thought that maybe I was too far gone, and wouldn't be able to make a respectable return to my previous rock star record keeping habit. But I have decided to try.

Right before I was about to type up this post,  I was brainstorming a topic. I was thinking of complaining about how sick I've been, and that I have to move at the end of the week, and it's all just been so hard, and I hate moving, and I hate change, and it's impossible to move when you are sick, and people aren't behaving how I want them to behave, when I noticed Amanda Ball had updated her blog.

Amanda, your life is harder than mine. I can't hardly handle my life right now, but I know for certain that I couldn't handle yours. So, if any of you want to know how I'm doing, just read Amanda's blog, dial it back about 100 notches, and you've got my life.

Now, I'm going to go to sleep, and sleep in, because I have the day off, and no one to wake me up but the birds outside, and maybe my coughing. But I'll just go back to sleep. But please remember, I'm sick, so I will probably be miserable tomorrow.


Kayde said...

I can't help but laugh every time I read one of your posts. I agree that being sick is the worst when you have to do something. I hope you survive this illness and keep up with your blogging.

Myriah Cohen said...

Ha, thanks KD! I probably won't survive my illness though. I'm gonna take a nap right now and see if it helps.

Brianna said...

I have missed your blog. Thank you for coming back.

Kylie said...

I'm glad you're back, too. It's never too late to come back to blogging!

Also, don't downplay your own life! Things that are hard for you are hard for you--someone else always has a harder life if you compare and contrast, but only you are living your life. Try your best to stay upbeat, but don't guilt yourself into thinking your struggles are inferior to anyone else's.

And when you are sick, it's crap! I'm glad you're feeling better.