Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Between the Make-Believe Trees

Happy New Year!
I am honestly blown away that it is 2008.

Two thousand and eight.


With the turn of the year, and the influence of old people in my life, i got to thinking and figuring what year i could live to see. My Grandmother is almost 84, so let's say i live to that age, that means i could be alive in the year 2068. I really want to be around for the year 2100, because i would want to know what everyone calls it. Two thousand one hundred? Twenty-one hundred? Will there be a great divide between the people who say two thousand one hundred and twenty-one hundred?

I hope so.

Of course that would mean i would need to live to be 116 years old.


I could do it if i really wanted to.

In the meantime, let me show you what i did today:

First the family went out to breakfast where Grandma yelled at everyone, then we went to Oceano, and went on this nature walk. These are the ducks at the Oceano lagoon, and i'm pretty sure they are plotting to attack us.
Look at them all huddled up, looking very conspiratorial.

This walk was da bomb because you got to pick up a pamphlet and read about the different areas of the trail as you go along. We learned that a beaver chopped this tree down (notice the beaver teeth markings) but the tree decided to live anyway, and grew 4 branches out of the stump. I could be more descriptive if i had that informational pamphlet, but if we kept it, we were suppose to make a donation, and boy do we hate donating.

Mary was the reader for post number three, and it went a little something like this: "Look up, you will notice a eucalyptus tree right above you. This is the home to the blah blah bird, who dives into the lagoon and the ocean looking for food. Because this blah blah bird isn't waterproof (or whatever it is about birds that makes them not soaked) this blah blah bird will come back to it's nest and then shake like a dog, causing a spray of water to fall down to the ground. Be careful when standing under this eucalyptus tree."

I don't know why they made post number three right under that dangerous eucalyptus. How hard could it have been to move it out of harm's way? And then the pamphlet could read, "You lucky dogs, we saved you from a very unpleasant experience. The eucalyptus tree you just passed is home to the...."

You should also note that dad is trying out his new Preppy look. He says that will be his signature style for 2008.

Just a few shots of the trail.

It was a gorgeous day, and when i got in the car to head home i decided that maybe you would want to know how gorgeous it was, and it just so happened to be 60 degrees gorgeous.


Jodie said...

Wow...sounds like quite the adventure. Tell me...did the said 'blah blah' bird shake on you? You've got to be careful for those guys!

Myriah said...

Well, as soon as we realized we were in danger, we ran willy nilly away from that place. So, no, we didn't get wet, but i'm sure it was a close call.

Tara said...

Wow, Happy New year. I agree that it would be great to be around for 2100...but alas since I would be 119 I'm going to say I probably won’t make it. Too bad. You nature walk looks beautiful! Man you're lucky you didn't get showered with blah blah bird dew...I think that would have ruined it for me...that couldn't be sanitary. Oh also...tell your Dad that I think the preppy look will do nicely for his "between sports seasons" time period.